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                ABOUT US

                Contact info

                • Tel:86-755-2793-0050
                • Fax:86-755-27930050
                • E-Mail:info@cogomould.com

                1 Introduction of mould project management

                After years of accumulated experience, we concluded a mature and a highly efficient project management system. We are fully aware of the project management is equally as important as mould making.

                At Co Go Mould, the project managers will be the bridge between customers and Co Go Mould. We appoint a project manager to each individual project and customer. The project manager is in charge of the entire project from start to finish providing direct technical communication with the customer.

                To efficiently manage projects and achieve the required lead time, our project engineer will make detailed production plan for each mould, and he will monitor the progress of manufacture strictly.

                Our project engineer shall send the detail weekly progress report and digital pictures to our customers by e-mail on every Monday. it is easy for customer to understand the production state and control everything prompt.

                After T1(first sample),our project engineer will send the samples inspection report, Some pictures of samples and videos about mould trial process to the customer, at the same time, he will send some samples to customer for approval.

                2 Weekly progress report

                3 Material certificate & Heat treatment inspection report

                4 Sampling video and report

                5 Mould vacuum package