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                        welcome to co-go mould limited

                        • Mould Engineering
                          Mould Engineering

                          Our experienced design engineers provide you with design for manufacture ...

                        • MOULD MAKING
                          MOULD MAKING

                          To get good quality moulds, Co-Go Mould built a very special and excellent mould technology for our production process.

                        • PROJECT MANAGEMENT
                          PROJECT MANAGEMENT

                          After years of accumulated experience, we concluded a mature and a highly efficient project management system.

                        • QC

                          Quality, best practice and customer service are at the heart of the Company, demonstrated by continued investment in the business and its people.

                        ABOUT US

                        Co Go Mould focused on making various of plastic injection moulds & Moulded Plastic Proudcts. We located at Shenzhen City, which is Adjacent to Hong Kong & Macao you can enjoy the very convenient traffic network here.

                        CO-GO PRODUCTS

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