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                MOULD MAKING

                MOULD  MAKING


                Contact info

                • Tel:86-755-2793-0050
                • Fax:86-755-27930050
                • E-Mail:info@cogomould.com

                High Quality Molds Produce High Quality Product

                We offer full production injection molds for you to run in your own facilities or at a manufacturing facility that you designate. These tools will be designed and built according to customer-required standard. They will be optimized for production on your injection molding machines with details such as cooling line connections already prepared for your existing set-up.

                Comprised of a highly skilled team, state of the art equipment and proprietary software techniques, that allows us to quickly convert your 3D part data into a high quality injection mold faster than anyone else. We can reduce a typical mold build time of 4-10 weeks to just a few days. With this advancement our customers are able to get real injection molded parts to use either as production or prototype.