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                MOULD MAKING

                MOULD  MAKING


                Contact info

                • Tel:86-755-2793-0050
                • Fax:86-755-27930050
                • E-Mail:info@cogomould.com

                Two-Shot Moulding is a cost-effective method to produce injection molded plastic parts combining two colors molded at one time to produce the final component. Co Go design and build high quality two-shot molds for a wide range of applications.

                Over mould means to make two sets of mould, after produce one plastic part then take this part into other mould to produce the final part.

                Our team will work with you to determine the best solution for you. Whether your part is a consumer disposable or a housing for a medical diagnostic device, we have the resources to ensure a seamless process from part concept to production ready system.