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                MOULD MAKING

                MOULD  MAKING


                Contact info

                • Tel:86-755-2793-0050
                • Fax:86-755-27930050
                • E-Mail:info@cogomould.com

                We also have an injection molding workshop,and equipped with over 20 sets injecting machines, the range are from 80 tons to 1000 tons,many of these injection machines have been equipped with robot arms, automatic raw material supplying system to achieve fully automated production. After injection molding, we do 100 percent quality check , fully assure the high quality of finished products.

                We have rich experience in molding various engineering grade resins, Such as ABS, PP, PE, PS, POM, PC, PC+GF, PC/ABS, PET, TPE, PA6, PA6+GF, PA66, PA66+GF, PEI, PSU etc.