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                MOULD MAKING

                MOULD  MAKING


                Contact info

                • Tel:86-755-2793-0050
                • Fax:86-755-27930050
                • E-Mail:info@cogomould.com

                By reducing cycle times and finding the optimal size for injection moulding machines, CO GO has developed a whole range of tool designs for multi-cavity moulds, especially for cap moulds.

                We had built various bottle cap moulds for cosmetic,food and medicine industries,most of the bottle cap moulds we built are multi cavity with hot runner systems.

                Our Engineers work closely with customers for optimizing runners, incorporating hot-runners, ensuring minimum material wastage, resulting in high-injection balance and mould life. We offer up to 64-cavity moulds and the moulds with interchangable inserts.

                Some of our bottle cap moulds pictures as follows: